The Skull


I finally understood what “great things take time” means.

I recall all the times I just lay on the bed for hours while surfing the net—changing from facebook, twitter, and 9gag. Now, I ask myself: How much time have I wasted?

Weird. I was supposed to simply label all the parts of this skull but it got me thinking. Its beauty and complexity cannot be compared. Knowing that I have to memorize every inch of this, I became utterly conscious that this thing is in me. I cannot simply comprehend that this complicated organism resides in me and what have I done in my whole life? Do I even deserve this beauty with such purpose? I knew it is only a part of me but compared to my whole being, I guess it has given more purpose to itself than I have to myself.

In this encounter, the skull is calling me to a greater purpose. Homo sapiens did not evolve for billions of years just for me to lie on the bed for hours while surfing the net—changing from facebook, twitter, and 9gag. My complexity tells me that I am not meant to just slack around and settle to be a nobody. It does not tell me to waste my time into the things that does not strive to the improvement of my being. It definitely does not call for me to take myself for granted.

So, what have I done? What am I doing? What should I be doing?

The (mid)night before my Econ exam

12:58 AM

Tue, April 19, 2016


Page 9 | Models Are Based On Assumptions


Assumptions are things we take for granted as true. We use them as facts even though we can’t be sure they are. For example, I like you and I might assume that you like me too. I might not even dare ask you because I don’t have enough courage to do so. Thus, I would assume that I cannot afford losing face in front of you so I’ll rather think the feeling is mutual. But I could be wrong.

Sunday Fundate


Demolition (2016)


One of the “NO RAGRETS” films I watched on the big screen with my family. :))

For me, this film revolves around the theme of moving on, letting go, being yourself, and  finally–becoming broken to create the best of who you are. When Davis Mitchell (Jake Gyllenhaal) lost his wife, he became depressed and obsessed of fixing things. He was able to take notice on the simple things that actually has been there all along, however, he never really paid attention to it.

What I really liked about this piece of art is the fact that it tells us that when we allow ourselves to succumb into the pain and the brokenness, we also allow ourselves to recreate our being to a better state. Just as compared to a Japanese art called Kintsugi wherein they repair broken pottery with lacquer mixed usually with gold. Though the wholeness of the object has been shattered to pieces, its new being combined with lacquer and gold, makes it into a finer and more beautiful piece of art. And I guess, this goes the same with our lives that when we break ourselves, we can give the pieces to people that may complete them, and rebuild ourselves into a better human being.


To the unknown

I’m going to MNL.


I will be at the UP Diliman campus for 4 days and I am psyched! This is my dream school (though i love Ateneo and will always be loyal to it) and I finally get a chance to visit it and just have fun. Im going to attend an international gathering for the youth called SEAMEO Innotech which focuses on the development of technology in our region, in relation to education. Basically, I want this as it is a sponsored trip and a great opportunity to meet people from different regions of our country and even the world. WHOOHOO!

Its already 1:53 AM and I still cannot sleep. I hope I’ll wake up early tomorrow 🙂

Back on track

Today just started the first day of the second semester and damn, I arrived to my first class late. So, I decided not to show up. HAH!

I know. Im not sorry for it though (tsk) but it made me feel I should do better for the coming days. However, despite the 1st class mishap, I got overwhelmed by how people react to random and visible changes. Btw, I just got my hair cut into boy cut after the oh-so-long-curly (bungot like) hair. FINALLLLLYYYY! I got it chopped off.

(Will post a decent shot soon!)

All day, people have been asking me WHY I chopped my hair into a pixie cut. I say, ” Bakit, bawal?” or “You got disappointed?” *SMILES REAL BIG* or “I’m moving on. AHAHAHAHA” and they laugh with me too. Though I don’t really see what is funny about that one 😛

But since NO ONE reads this, might as well just list it off, right? so, here are the following reasons why I cut my hair:

1.) Weather is too humid for a long, not naturally curled hair.

2.) I’m sick of trying to make it look decent. 

3.) I just want a low maintenance hairdo. (usually i wish i was a guy for the reason of the complex way of taking care of a woman so she would look presentable to be herself–for herself. UGH. BLEH. PWE. BOOM. POW. OUCH. GILING. KAIN NG KAMOTE. UTOT. HAHAHA)

4.) I thought in looked so old with my previous hair. With wrinkles and shit. heehee

5.) I want to change something that would welcome a new chapter in my life (2nd Sem y’all)! I usually do this during new years but the past sem had me feel like i need to change something so my other bad habits should also change. Its like a domino effect i’d like to happen. Change the looks, the attitude and the ways–for a better me and better future!!! (HOORAH!)


so, yeah. These are the reasons that are as honest as a drunk and a child combined!

However, as the day passed by it was all ‘ooohs’ ‘aaaaahs’ ‘ohmygaaaawds’ and ”why did you cut it?’ and even few compliments thrown here and there. I guess my day went well with my hair 🙂 Also, I felt light and comfortable with it. I guess I’ll stick to this for quite some time. TEE-HEE we’ll see 😀


Okay, im never one of those blogging type of person. I mean really, I am going to honestly admit that this blog was born out of a requirement but, in the time of 11:59 PM of Philippine Standard Time (as i started to write this), it seems like i’m in the mood to make this a breathing site. Im thinking maybe its not too bad to give thoughts online. I do it on facebook and twitter , it may not be so bad to do it right here, no?

or maybe im just finding an escape. let’s face it. no one will read this anyway. and maybe that’s what i need. when i ask myself, who’ll read this, my mind concluded to the same probability of my ultimate (hollywood) crush and I ending up together — nothing. Thanks Obama.

so, yeah. this is the first official non-academic post here. so, horrah for me and to the invisible readers.

Generation Y to Generation Y Not | Digital Citizenship


Living in the twenty first century is both a privilege and a burden. Having all the advancements technology and human imagination can offer, we sure become easily unimpressed as we struggle for more in a world that has less. Just imagine all the websites that are currently used in this moment, i bet you can’t even name all of them.

In addition, the privilege of our fast developing technology, change has become a natural event alongside with the change of the generation. The new era technology brought made us evolve into species that is known to be Millennials. They are born in the years of the early 1980’s to the 2000’s. Fortunately or unfortunately, I belong to this generation.

We are known as the Generation Y.

I mean literally, our existence have been questioned on why we exist.

This is because the perception on our generation has more on the negative rather than the positive.  We are known to be attention craving in the forms of feedback and guidance, who are in a loop of frequently seeking for reassurance and praise. Also, we are known to be lacking of social skills. Maybe because most of what we put in front of our faces are screens rather than people and what we generously give our human touch are on gadgets.

We can’t blame them because this is what they see and because most of it may be true. But with technology not only have we become a different generation but our sense of responsibility for ourselves and others have drastically change. The difference between private and public has became a struggle to differentiate with our deeds. What is moral, unjust and accepted cannot be defined with the unlimited possibilities, capabilities and opportunity technology has given us.

However, despite all the negativity, I found this article written by the creator of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. This is his open letter for his users:

When I made Facebook two years ago my goal was to help people understand what was going on in their world a little better. I wanted to create an environment where people could share whatever information they wanted, but also have control over whom they shared that information with. I think a lot of the success we’ve seen is because of these basic principles.

Basically, Mr. Z had the right intentions for creating Facebook but what happened is that the goodness that was supposed to radiate from his creation became a medium of suicide pictures, scandalous videos, and hateful statuses posted. I know we cannot eliminate the negative in the earth but what is asked as digital citizens is to be responsible of our actions.

Here are a few reminders not only for us Millennials but also for the other generations who try to adapt.


Reminder #1: Protect your personal information


Reminder #2: Cite your sources properly


Reminder #3: Do not cyberbully

W.O.W (Words Of Wisdom)


We are called as the Generation Y because we are basically the 25th generation — it only means that, but let us not make our own name question us for who we really are and what we can do for ourselves and in our society. With the advancement of technology came the advancement of human capabilities — our capabilities. It is a battle of perspective if these changes we have acquired are for the better or the worse, but let us remember that that decision is not based from other people  but it is solely based on us. The choices we make and the actions we do speaks our true identity and not the words of the other generations. They can have all the time in the world of labeling us as the “why” generation but I beg to disagree that we are not a generation of  “why do we exist” but rather we are a “why not”.

Why not embrace the changes our generation experiences and use them as our medium of creating a better self and society?

Our forefathers have toiled with their blood and sweat to arrive in the era we are living now — why not use it for the better?

We will be a generation of why not’s and no one can stop us.

Experience in a Cone? | A Narration & Reflection


I found this amusing post in 9gag and in tumblr, and it describes the different types of learners. However, as far as I can remember, there are many of the given examples that I did not encounter in our education subjects. This made me remember of a certain project which I worked on with a group in our Education 25.1 having a course description of Educational Technology 2.

Our task was to to create a lesson which falls to ta certain level of this new approach of teaching. An introduction of a new concept from Edgar Dale of his 1946 book Audio-Visual Methods in Teaching. The concept introduced has been popularly known as the Cone of Experience and sometimes it is also called as the Cone of Learning. It was designed to “show the progress of learning experience” from concrete to abstract (Dale, 1969 p. 108). An example of the Cone of Experience is found below.


In our group, we were tasked to use the third level of experience where we to either let our students watch a demonstration or attend an exhibit of a specific site. For our group, we decided to do a demonstration wherein we will tackle basic chemistry tricks that focuses on cohesion and adhesion. We based our lesson flow as if we were mad scientists wearing lab coats and protective eye googles (WOOHOO!!).


Our first explosion of our lesson proper was the demonstration of the “anti-gravity water” wherein a bottle was filled with water up to the brim. A screen was secured at the opening of the bottle with an elastic band. Then, the facilitator pressed his free palm on the screen covered opening of the bottle and turned the bottle upside down with his other hand. He then removed his hand and it resulted the water to be suspended and not go through the screen. We allowed the students to make their observations

Next, we allowed our students to follow a set of instructions that still involves the concept of adhesion and cohesion. We called the experiment as the “milky way experience”. It involved milk which was placed on a container put on a flat surface. Then different colors of food coloring were dropped on the milk. A side of a cotton bud was then dipped to the mixture, and the other side of the cotton bud was dipped first to a liquid soap or a dish washing soap before it was dipped to the milk and food coloring solution. The students were then allowed to make their own observation. The result of the experiment is seen below.


From our demonstration and discovery learning of our students, we used the art of questioning to know their observations and for us to arrive at a specific conclusion on what happened between the two experiments.

From my experience, I realized a few things, and these are:

     1. Teaching and learning is an exquisite experience

It is undeniable that teaching and learning is and exquisite experience in a way that both parties involved will give and take. I realized that even though I was one of the facilitators, I learned from my students that their interest level rises when you give them the opportunity to discover things on their own, and if you give them a chance to feel excited of what they are going to learn if they see in the teacher that he or she is excited herself. Also, when we let our students answer the activity after the discussion, I was overjoyed to see that most of them was able to get the concept of adhesion and cohesion.

   2. Approach and process matter

When one desires to learn, how the lesson is presented and how it the students are involved in the process of learning changes the percentage of learning. As I remember most of my teachers in high school who has deliberately nagged their way in each lesson really saddened me. With my past experience and my newly acquired knowledge it gives me a wider view that as a facilitator, there is so many variations that I can do to make my students interested and involved. Though my only goal is for them to learn, the process doe not only involve a straight line of giving a lesson which shall equate to a learned student. there many factors to consider, and if this was a business, how we “advertise” our lesson and what the students will do as the “consumer” creates a big difference to their learning.

3. Real life experiences is the greatest weapon to learning

From the demonstration my group did, i observed my students were confused at first on the concepts we were presenting because they were mainly based on the provided experiments. However, towards the end of the session, we put a question which relates to a situation in their life. We saw an “AHA-moment” or the “click” which is also known as the “light bulb moment”. Though it took more time than expected but when we reviewed and allowed them to discuss with their group mates, they were able to put two and two together that made them answer with no error. Just like Edgar Dale has mad the Cone of Experience, the students experiencing their lesson first hand will allow them to learn more.


   4. Emotional connection is important

Whatever lesson I give, i make sure that there is an emotional connection because it makes learning ten times more intense than the usual. Just like in our demonstration, I asked the class how they felt while doing the activity and they answered that they were amazed! And to dig deeper in that feeling in relation to the lesson shall help them remember the concepts explained. Within the discussion, we also included that the feeling of amazement was caused by the cohesion and adhesion properties of surface tension. With that they were able to see the real reason of the phenomena with proper understanding but with an emotional connection that makes them want to find out what happened. Also, for long term memory, the emotional connection shall help them remember what they did and what caused the feeling.

   5. Teaching is NOT easy as anyone thinks it is

This is self explanatory. But if it is not understood, the only way to do so is to crawl into my skin and walk around it.